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The PhysicalShops plugin allows players to set up shops using chests and signs.

First you must place a chest. Then, on the wall above the chest, you place a sign with very specific formatting. Signs have four lines, and you will be using the first three, as follows:

LIne 1: [Name of item you are selling]
Line 2: Buy # for #g/s
Line 3:
Sell # for #g/s
Line 4:
(will be autofilled with your name)

The currency (g/s) is Gold and Silver pieces. In unmodified Minecraft this would be gold ingots and iron ingots, but we have customized the game so we can use Gold and Silver. Lines 2 and 3 may require correct capitalization of the words "Buy", "Sell" and "for". Check your syntax if you're having problems.

The "Buy" line is how much your patrons will buy items FROM you. The "Sell" line, which is optional, is how much your patrons can sell items BACK TO the shop.

Here are a few examples of how signs might be set up.

Sign to sell bread for 1 silver each.

Buy 1 for 1s


Sign was made by Morgnsgrl.
She would stock the chest with bread
and pick up the silver from purchases.

Sign to buy & sell magic swords for profit.

[magic sword]
Buy 1 for 30g
Sell 1 for 20g

Sign was made by SirAeston.
He would profit 10g you bought a
sword & then sold it back to the shop.

Once you have set up your sign, PUNCH IT (left-click) to confirm that it was set up properly. It will respond with info about the shop if it is working. The most common issue is the item name being wrong.

There are Server Shops set up in Cold Springs in the Market District. Server shops, which have an owner name of [Eventholder], do not use chests. Players may purchase these shops from Duncan or Aeston for the listed price and set up their own goods and pricing. In that case, you will need to set up chests and new signs for your shop.

You can buy or sell any item, including mana. You do need to collect the profits from your chest - it does not automatically go anywhere. We are NOT using Essentials Economy, so you do not have a "balance" on the server or the ability to "pay" or "sell" things in-chat. You have to actually have and use your gold and silver pieces.

To interact with a chest, you have to hold the gold/silver/item in your hand and right-click on the sign (NOT the chest). That will trigger the transaction.

If a shop doesn't work, you may have the syntax wrong or more likely, you have an item name wrong. Our Realms customizations have been included in the configuration of the shops mod (diamond are now mithril, etc...) but it's easy to get a name wrong. Check out the Minecraft Wiki page for MC Data Values for the basic names and IDs. If you are not getting anywhere, feel free to ask an Op for help.