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The Minecraft Server

The Rhiassa Minecraft server is hosted by MC Pro Hosting and is owned by Stephen Johnson (Sir Duncan Conrad of Rhiassa). Please go to the Minecraft Client Page for instructions on how to download the modified clientwe have developed for this project.

If you want a better view of our world without actually logging in, check out the Dynamic Map.

The server is running Minecraft 1.1 and is a Bukkit server. Server updates typically lag behind the release of new versions. If Minecraft releases the next version (probably 1.2), and you update your client before our server has updated, you will be unable to connect and will get an "outdated server" message. Please use our modified minecraft client (not the version downloaded from mojang) and the custom texture pack we have developed for this project.

This is a whitelisted server. This means you cannot log on until you have been added to an access list. We will be having announced "Open Server" days where we remove the whitelist and plan a server rollback the next day so people can freely explore this project and see what we're up to.

To join the server and get put on the whitelist, please see the page on Joining The Server.

For information on installing and configuring our version of the minecraft client so you can fully experience "Realmscraft", go to our Minecraft Client Page.