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1. Have Fun

While PvP is enabled on this server, any abuse of PvP may result in banning. The goal of this server is to make an online mirror of the Realms experience. Act like your character as much as possible. Actions here may have reprecussions at events. Roleplaying consistency between events and this server is encouraged, though not mandated. There is no weapon restriction when you play Realmscraft, as there is not yet any equivalent magic system in place on the server... so because you'll have more fun not dying, please feel free to pick up a sword and armor when you come questing with us.

2. Don't Grief

People spend hundreds of hours working on the Realms. You wouldn't destroy the props an eventholder built for his event just to have fun. Members of this server will likewise spend countless hours building this environment. Any willful destruction of other people's builds will result in banning and server rollback if needed. Griefing is mean. Don't do it.
Leaving stacks of blocks around messing up the landscape is a form of griefing. If you are in the nether and need to get some glowstone that is on the roof of a cavern, clean up after yourself instead of leaving pillars of dirt or other blocks behind. Littering is griefing by way of neglect. Clean up after yourselves please...

3. Respect the Theme

While Minecraft has plenty of odd quirks, the milieu of the game and of the Realms is medieval fantasy. Respect that. Builds that disrupt our ability to imagine that we are playing Realms will be taken down. Ask an Op before building if you have any questions.

4. Follow the Map

Uncharted lands will eventually be terraformed so that they match the online Realms map at realmsnet.net. Any builds in uncharted lands may be overrun by the expansion of the map. In the event of a conflict, the realmsnet map will always take precedence. We don't want to turn around and, for example, find Creathorne established south of the Southern Wastes. Again - please ask an Op before building if you have any questions.

5. Build Legit

If you are building up your lands to match how you envision them to be in the Realms, you are encouraged to work with Ops to use tools that will let you terraform and build quickly. Once you have built up your lands, you should only "build legit". That means you should chop down trees, dig holes, mine ore, and use legitimate Minecraft techniques to obtain resources and further develop your nation.

Nations on this server may establish additional guidelines for building in and living within their borders. Borders are marked by natural boundares like rivers and with bedrock markers in the ground. Owned houses should be marked with signs. Unmarked residences that are empty or furnished but with empty chests are usually available to claim. If you are looking to settle within an established land on this server, it's a good idea to talk to the ops to find out what they will expect from you. A nation may require fealty or some token or tax if you are not a member and wish to live within their borders.