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There are hundreds, if not thousands of web pages and youtube videos dedicated to the game of Minecraft. Here are links to some that may help, inspire, educate or just amuse you....

Music Videos!
Minecraft Universe
In Search of Diamonds
Christmas Enderman

Minecraft.net - This is where to get the game in the first place

Minecraft wiki - This is the best reference site for info on the game. From the ever-important crafting recipes to game mechanics, mobs, version history and more, you should find the answer to any question about the core game here.

MinecraftForums.net - If you are a fan of forums, this is the biggest minecraft forum around. You'll find threads on custom maps, mods, skins, and much more. You will probably even find trolls....

The Misadventures of MinecraftChick - In the first episode of this youtube series, you get to see someone start playing for the first time ever. She has no clue whatsoever, and the results are hilarious. If you're intimidated by games, this should make you feel better... Don't laugh at her too hard, though - Lydia's work and her great attitude landed her a job in Sweden working for Mojang (the creator of Minecraft)!

How to Survive your First Night - In this youtube series, Paul Soares Jr presents a tutorial on how to survive and thrive in Minecraft Singleplayer Survival. Rhiassa is already developed, so playing with us will be a different experience, but you should find his videos educational.

Minecraft Mondays - This is a highly entertaining weekly youtube series that shows you the latest news and updates from the Minecraft community. It's can't-miss viewing if you do get into the game.

The Shaft Podcast - This weekly audio podcast (also available on youtube as a video), hosted by Wes Wilson, Eric Fullerton and Brent Copeland, is a well produced and very entertaining show. Every week they have guests from the Minecraft community, answer questions, discuss ideas for the game, and have a lot of fun. Their panel was my favorite one at Minecon and if you enjoy long (1hr+) audio podcasts it's worth a listen.

Yogscast - This is the most popular youtube series in the world that has a Minecraft focus. Simon & Lewis do mod spotlights, let's play videos and generally have a good time. Their videos were a big part of the game's early success and if you enjoy their goofy sense of humor, there are a ton of their videos online to watch...

Captain Sparkelz - This youtube author's music video, Revenge, may represent the high point so far in Minecraft video production. His wry sense of humor and keen intellect make his let's play videos and mod reviews always entertaining.

Etho's Lab - This youtube author specializes in showing viewers how to create things in Minecraft in the most clever and often ingenious ways possible. His delivery is a little slow, but his ideas are always top-notch. Occasionally he may even hurt your head.

Minecraft Quests with SRJ26 - Last year I, SRJ26, played a lot on a server run by Sir Cedric of Rhiassa (not playing much Realms these days) for our kids. In this vid series I show some of the builds I created for our kids to go find and explore. In later episodes I got a little off track, but I tried to keep it fun & entertaining. It has been on hiatus for a while, but I expect to post vids about the Rhiassa server here in coming months.