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The Op Council

Ops, or operators, are the Admins of the Minecraft world. On the Rhiassa Minecraft server we have a council of Ops to collaborate and run the server together. Currently the Op Council is composed of:

  • Stephen Johnson - Server Owner, KoR, KoEF
  • Owen West - Chimeron Op Council Representative
  • Jason Rosa - Honorary Member, KoR, KoEF
  • Matt Brenner - Honorary Member, KoR, KoEF

Op Council members are chosen for their level of commitment to making this project succeed and for the level of skill they have demonstrated building and terraforming on the server. KoR and KoEF involved in the project are considered honorary members for the maturity and leadership they have demonstrated in the Realms and are welcome to participate in all Op Council discussions.

All "Ops" have access to additional commands, such as worldEdit and the tools used to terraform and expand the map. A member of the Op Council may extend Op status to Realmscraft players for the purpose of working on the map, but only select members will be on the Op Council.

The Op Council will meet in person as needed throughout the year, and will work together on decisions affecting the future of the server, including choosing mods to install and dealing with any griefing/banning issues.

Each IC Realms nation with a signifiant presence on the server should have at least one member of the Op council. Once a Non-council member's lands have been built, they should ONLY be given op status while working on major projects.

Op powers should never be used for personal gain. Building your IC lands up to the point where it represents your Realms fiction is expected. Once that is accomplished, you should do all construction using legit minecraft techniques (i.e. digging, mining, placing blocks, etc...)