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Mods are "Modifications", not moderators. Minecraft is a game that has had hundreds of "Mods" developed to extend and customize the game engine and environment to allow players to create exactly the game the want. Some modifications are ones you can (and will need to) do, while some are done on the server and you may never even be aware they are there.

A mod done on the server is technically called a plug-in, and some customizations may require both a server plugin and a client-side modification. If we ever reach the point where we require client-side mods to play, we will provide all needed files and thorough instructions on how to do it.

Playing without mods is called "Vanilla" and while Minecraft is essentially a medieval fantasy game, over time we hope to make the game represent the Realms experience as closely as possible. All mods being run on the server will be listed here, with links to more information where appropriate.

There are 2 files you will need to play Realms minecraft with us. First you should install Minecraft and then back up the minecraft.jar file in your minecraft bin folder. Then download and install the files listed below. These files will be regularly updated as we add more modifications and textures to the Realmscraft experience.

Realmscraft (minecraft.jar)
This version of the game engine has been modified in a number of ways to provide a more Realmy experience. Diamonds are now Mithril, iron is now silver, and much more. As we continue to modify minecraft better mirror our LARP experience, come here to download the latest "jar" file... PLEASE backup your minecraft.jar before using this version. Put this file in the BIN folder in your minecraft install folder and you should be good to go. Don't forget to select the language option REALMS so you can see our Realms version as it meant to be played.

Realms Heraldry & Custom Textures (RhiassaPack.zip)
One of the easiest ways Minecraft can be modified is by changing the graphics used by the game. To that end, we have created the rhiassaPack texture pack to provide in-game Realms heraldry, maps, shop signs and more. If you don't use our minecraft.jar file, you may need to use MCPatcher to update your game so it can handle HD textures. Put the texturepack zip file directly into your Minecraft texture packs folder and select it before you play. This zip file has artwork designed to create a Realms environment, including shop signs, maps and a small assortment of heraldry (Rhiassa, Vinehaven, Oaken guard, Chimeron & Eagle's Rook).

There are other ways you can customize your game to make it a better experience...

Player Skins
Every player starts as a "Steve" - a guy wearing blue jeans and a teal shirt. One of the first and easiest customizations you can do is go find a "skin" and have it set up to represent you in Minecraft. Your skin will go with you from server to server, but when you play with us we ask that you make sure your Realms character skin (whatever you wind up choosing) is the one you use. You can browse and install skins from various websites, including the Minecraft Skindex. You can also use an online editor like the aptly named Minecraft Skin Editor to create your own.

Better Water (client mod - optional)
There are plenty of mods that can improve the look of this game. One of the more impressive is the Better Water mod, which adds a reflective, rippling, realistic look to your water. Purely optional, but well worth the effort to install if your machine can handle it.

The following plugins have been installed on the server to allow us to make this the best experience possible. See the Commands page for info on how to use this functionality.

LWC (see Commands for how to use)
The LWC plugin provides the ability to lock chests, doors, trapdoors, ovens and dispensers. You can also create passwords and share them with friends.

PhysicalShop (how to set up a shop)
The PhysicalShop plugin lets us set up signs above chests to handle transactions. Our currency is mithril (m), gold (g) and silver (s) and you will be able to fill chests and set buy/sell rates so your shop can make money for you even if you aren't on the server. We have Server shops currently set up in Cold Springs, but for a small price you may purchase them and make them your own.

The Essentials suite of plugins allows for additional functionality for Ops that will allow us to administer the server and deal with the many problems that can arise in a Minecraft community.

worldEdit (command reference sheet)
The worldEdit plugin allows Ops (admin-level players) to do large-scale block modifications. This is the tool that will allow us to terraform and to build the map without it taking forever. The biome system in Minecraft will still be a hindrance, but with worldEdit we can level mountains, dig valleys, and make this world match the Realms maps we know and love.

Multiverse Core & Multiverse Portals
The Multiverse plugin allows Ops to create alternate maps with portal access. We have set up a Creative world called "Dreaming" that ops can access. Once fully deployed, you will be able to wander through the woods, walk between the "wrong" two trees, and find yourself in Faerie.

Future Mods
The Realms is a unique place, as is Minecraft, and in many ways the two overlap. However, until we get the right mods installed, we will not have goblins, trolls, magic, or even currency! Over time we hope to add functionality to make this server as "Realmsy" as possible. Feel free to contact your Ops with any ideas or suggestions you have.