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We have created a customized Minecraft JAR file for many reasons, not the least of which is that we want to have a REALMS language option available. The reason behind this is so that we can take Minecraft objects that don't generally exist in the Realms and effectively translate and retexture them so they make more sense for our game.

Before you read any further - these translation decisions are not set in stone. I hope to assemble an "Op Council" of leaders (and minecrafters) from various nations to help guide the direction this project will go in. If this group eventually is created and grows, they will all contribute to making these decisions.

Items are translated in many ways in Realmscraft. Please remember that this project is our best attempt at a BLEND of the two environments, and in time we will work to make it as close to the Realms as possible.

Diamond = Mithril
Diamond Sword = Mithril Sword
Diamond Armor = Mithril Armor
While we could have left diamonds in the game, the most powerful objects in Minecraft are made from diamonds. I've never seen or heard of a diamond sword in Realms. The most durable substance in medieval fantasy is often Mithril, so we're using that in place of diamond. There are some instances of Mithril being found in Realms - certainly more than diamond!

Emerald = Silver
Minecraft has emerald as its currency. For 1.3 we are going to translate emerald as silver, and keep the existing gold.

Jukebox = Bard-in-a-box
This is more of a joke, but it's better than leaving it as a "jukebox".

Some objects and names have NOT been translated yet - largely for lack of any idea how to best deal with them. Feel free to share suggestions on how to deal with these with any Server Op.

TNT = ???
While placing TNT is currently disabled, if there is a way to appropriately use it, we may enable it and create a Realms translation for it. There is no Magic Explosion spell or other comparable Realms mechanic to use that I am aware of. Feel free to share any ideas, but we do NOT want to enable griefers, so this might just stay out of Realmscraft entirely.

Redstone = ???
While Redstone is staying in Realmscraft, my best idea so far is to make it magic. Either turn it blue and have it be a variation on mana OR.... turn it invisible in the default texture pack for players and let Ops use a different texture pack where they can see redstone. If Redstone and pressure plates were invisible to regular players, the experience of interacting with it would be like magic was happening around them. That said - many Minecraft players would hate to not be able to use redstone - or they would change texturepacks to do so, defeating the purpose of making them in the first place.

Nether = ???
While the nether is meant to be a hell world, so it's easy to just think of it as the underworld, I couldn't think of a better term to use than Nether. In minecraft we have Netherrack, Netherbricks and Nether Wart. Until better names are suggested, I think it's best to stay with those.

Ender Pearl, Ender Dragon, The End Dimension = ???
Again, this is a tricky one. The End is populated with Endermen (Dark Elves). There is no easy or direct translation to a Realms world that would explain the dark elves, the dragon and the pearls in a convenient way, and I currently have no plans to attempt to rework the code that generates that dimension in the game. Furthermore, I've contemplated using End Stone as Marble and retexturing it appropriately. What to do? What to do???

Monsters in the game are listed in the Language files but it wasn't clear exactly where that text appeared in-game. I made the following translations for our custom minecraft JAR file but I'm still not clear on where they appear in the interface and gameplay.

Pig Zombie = Imp
The minecraft nether is full of pig zombies. Weird, huh? I retextured them as Imps and renamed them in the Realms language file.

Enderman = Dark Elf
That tall, black mob that hates to be looked at made more sense to call a dark elf than anything else. If we ever add unique realms mobs, this could change, but it seemed to make sense. In Realmscraft they do NOT pick up blocks, so your structures are safe.

Creeper = Final Strike Troll
Those green guys that creep up behind you and explode? They still don't have arms, but the most sensible realms monster to translate them to was a final strike troll - which explodes when you kill it. They aren't see much, due in part to the difficulty of marshalling distance and the slight unfairness of it all. In Realmscraft they do NOT break blocks.