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Joining The Server

We are running a whitelisted server. This means you cannot log on until you have been added to an access list. We will be having announced "Open Server" days where we remove the whitelist and plan a server rollback the next day so people can freely explore this project and see what we're up to.

You can join this project and get whitelisted in a number of ways.

  • Guest - If you are not a member of Rhiassa (or any other nation that is fully developed on the server), you can play as your current Realms character and simply be a visitor in an existing land for as long as you like. The goal is to eventually build the entire Realms, so you may not need to stay in foreign lands for long if development proceeds quickly.
  • Alt - If it doesn't make sense for your character to suddenly be spending all their time in a foreign country, you could always roll up a Rhiassan "alt" and play as a member of the Lion Militia while you are on the server.
  • Member - Actually swearing to Lord Aeston and becoming a full member of Rhiassa is possible, but should be handled in-character, in-person, at a Realms event.

Whatever path you choose, you must email Stephen Johnson the following information. He is the one who will add you to the whitelist. Copy the text below, paste it into an email and fill in your answers appropriately.

Your minecraft username.

The Realms character name you want associated with that login.

The nation your character belongs to in Realms, if any

Your intentions:
- Guest: Stay at an Inn and help us build until we are ready to expand and start building YOUR neighboring land
- Alt: Join the Rhiassan Lion Militia (either with your main character or with a new "alt" character)
- Member: Have a home in Rhiassa (you must talk with Lord Aeston in person first)

How you like to play minecraft if you already play:
- Exploring (i.e. uncharted lands, unexplored caves, etc...)
- Adventuring (i.e. killing shit)
- Socializing
- Building (cities, bridges, etc...)
- Expert Building (mob grinders, redstone contraptions, etc...)
- Quest Building (setting up encounters for other players, adventure map creation, etc...)

Do you have any experience as an "Op" on another server? Have you dealt with griefing, banning, conflict resolution, etc...?

How you want to help with this project and where would you like to see it go?

Once you are added, your info will be posted on the Players page on this website and will be saved for reference in case we need to contact you or deal with any problems. You may not initially be accepted. If so, don't take it personally. Given the trouble that "griefers" can cause in Minecraft worlds, I may be slow to bring in new builders, especially if they are not members of a neighboring land or are not interested in helping to build/expand the map.

For information on installing and configuring our version of the minecraft client so you can fully experience "Realmscraft", go to our Minecraft Client Page.