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The information below, and on all of the corresponding Minecraft pages, is an archive of the material that was released and advertised when Steve's Realmscraft project was first released to the Realms. The Realmscraft project is still a functioning part of our community's online presence, but its custody has passed to others who have taken an interest in it. You can find information about their project here: Realmscraft.net. The original information that was created by Steve remains here as an archive of his work, but for current information you should reference the new site.

Original content follows.

For over 20 years, players in the Realms have met on weekends and played characters in a fictional world. We have maps, and imagine that we come from lands with castles, roads, bridges, towns, and everything else that might fit a medieval fantasy theme. Until now, those lands have lived in our stories, songs, poems, and fertile imaginations. This project is an attempt to change that.

Minecraft is a game developed by a small company in Sweden, originally started by Markus "Notch" Persson. It is a server based multiplayer environment where the world is defined by blocks of material, which you can dig up, rearrange, craft, and manipulate to create nearly any kind of world you can dream up.

I have been playing Minecraft since it was in beta-testing and our family went to the convention that was thrown to celebrate the full game's release in November 2011 in Las Vegas. I have helped to administer a server and have created over 60 Minecraft youtube videos. Last Fall it struck me that this might be the ideal environment to develop a "virtual realms" where we can build, explore, and play in our imagined world when we aren't playing our characters at Realms events.

The Minecraft Rhiassa server started with a build of Rhiassa, but the eventual goal is to have a full representation of the Realms available for all members of our community to play on. Even with tools to help us build, this is no small task, but in time I hope that we can all have a place to come together and continue the plots, stories and community we have developed at our events.

"Realmscraft" could never replace LARPing, but with the right approach it can be a tool to make our shared roleplaying experience deeper and more fulfilling than ever before.

In service to the Realms,

- Stephen Johnson, KoR, KoEF