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Getting around is the standard ASWD key configuration... Double-hitting the W key will make you sprint.

Equipment. Here you can put on armor as well as move items into your hotbar.

You can change what item is in your hand using number keys or a mouse scrollwheel.

The space bar will make you jump, or if you are in water, you will swim.

The shift key will make you crouch. The name over your head will be faded (sneaky!) and you will not be able to fall off of a block accidentally. Very useful when you're buildling towers or mountain climbing!

The escape key will get you OUT of various screens (inventory, chest contents, etc...)

This is your primary action. Fighting. Breaking blocks. Hitting your friends....

This is used for opening doors, interacting with chests, ovens, dispensers, shop signs, etc... You also hold it down to draw your bow - the further you draw it back the farther the arrow will fly.

You can chat with other players in-game. After pressing T, type your message and it will be sent out to everybody on the server. There are many additional in-chat commands (see below).

In-Chat Commands (always precede with a slash character!)

This will reset your spawn so that when you die, you respawn at this location.

You can type help, by itself or with other words (i.e. /help mail) to get command help.

Use this to request help from an Op.

This will display the rules on the server (overview, not full details).

This will display the message of the day. The motd will often mention recent updates/builds.

This will toggle your status as "away from keyboard".

/msg [playername]
Use this to message a player directly. Chat is normally seen by everyone on the server.

This will allow you to reply to the person who just messaged you.

/mail [playername] [message]
This will let you send a message to a player, whether or not they are onilne.

This will list all players currently on the server

/seen [playername]
Use this with a player's name (i.e. /seen SirAeston) to see when someone was last on the server.

/me [action]
Use this to have chat say you performed an roleplaying action (i.e. /me dances).

Give up the ghost. Go directly to your last spawn point. Rumored to be painless.

/cinfo (then you right-click object)
Chest information will be displayed. Works on any LWC compatible object (chest, door, oven, etc...)

/cprivate (+ right-click)
Will set a private permission on a chest, etc.. so only you can access it.

/cpublic (+ right-click)
Will set up a public permission on a chest, etc.. You own it, but anyone can access it.

/cmodify [playername] (+ right-click)
Will add or remove a player's name from the access list for a chest, etc...

/cpassword [password] (+ right-click)
Will set up a password protection on a chest, etc...

/cremove (+ right-click)
Will remove all LWC permissions from a chest, etc...

/cunlock [password]
Will attempt to unlock a locked chest with the password you provide.