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The Minecraft Client

The Minecraft "Client" is the app you run on your local computer that connects to the server. For all practical purposes it is the program you run to play the game. The key file that runs is Minecraft.jar, stored in your local users Application Support / minecraft / bin folder.

To install Realms Minecraft, or "Realmscraft", you need to already have downloaded and installed Minecraft. Then do the following:

  1. Backup the minecraft.jar file in your Application Support / minecraft / bin folder (so you can revert easily).
  2. Download our modified JAR file and put it in your bin folder. This has a Realms language option as well as optiFine, which should help with performance. Minecraft Client When you want to run this JAR, rename your current one and rename this to be minecraft.jar. It still requires a legit account (it is NOT a cracked jar).
  3. The update should prompt you to download our texture pack, but if it does not, you can download it (32pix) and the normal 16 pixel resolution versions here: DaggersRealmsMod-32bit.zip, DaggersRealmsMod.zip
  4. Start Minecraft and change the Language option to REALMS.
  5. Select DaggersRealmsMod-32bit.zip or DaggersRealmsMod.zip in your texturepack options as your Texture Pack.

If the above doesn't work and you had previously modded your game, you may want to try doing a clean install of Minecraft. Rename your minecraft folder and start from scratch. The app should create a new minecraft folder and download the current version of the game.

The files provided here (both the app and the textures) will be regularly updated. We will announce updates in-game in the Message of the Day that you see upon login. When they are updated, return here to download the current version.

If the Minecraft engine is updated to a newer version (1.1 -> 1.2... etc...) you should NOT update your client. The client and server must both be on the same version or you will be unable to connect. We will update our modified version of the client minecraft.jar and post it at the same time as we update the server to the new version so they are both in synch. We will try to announce by email so you are aware of what is going on.

You should probably familiarize yourself with the Server Rules, read the list of Server Mods, and go choose a skin for your avatar (skin editor - skindex).

If that all sounds daunting, don't be intimidated - it's not that hard.